Planning an Easter wedding

First off all an Easter wedding is a great idea. It is an easy concept as you do not need to think out the box that much. Easter lends itself to a theme that is fun, cute and creative.

Easter is technically in our autumn months. Luckily for us with the South African climate it is still warm and feels like summer. Bright colours are in. Forget what you heard about trying to do the pastel colour scheme over this period, we are definitely not American!

Creating the decorations yourself or with your bridesmaids can be a lot of fun. Any type of egg can be painted and decorated. You can even use rounded stones as decorations. There are millions of tips and DIY tricks for making this process fun and easy.  Eggs in a basket make for a perfect center piece. Feathers can be used in almost any setting. It can also make for a perfect confetti replacement.

You cannot go wrong with creating a dessert bar, just think chocolate. Trust me your guests will love it. Here you have so many options of Easter eggs and other sweats like mini eggs or kinder eggs already designed for you. Or have a chocolate fondue with strawberries.

If you are having an outdoor wedding you can include some animals as your decorations. We are talking about day old chicks or some fluffy bunnies. Having a cute bunny makes for great wedding pictures. It will also keep your guests entertained especially if there are kids.

A great idea can be to do an Easter egg hunt, depending on your venue. Remember it is Easter and your guests will be entertained. Another idea is to get your guests involved in creating their own Easter eggs, this will keep children occupied and i am sure most of the adult’s as well.

If you are planning an Easter wedding we hope you have a lot of fun.

Let us know what you are planning.

Send us some pictures so we can share them.


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