Keep your wedding on schedule

The dreaded church and reception wait!

I thought that i would write about this sooner than later. Too many times have i had conversations with people and heard them complaining about not enjoying someone’s wedding.

Ask anyone who has received an invitation to a wedding that says the ceremony starts at 4 pm arrive time 3:45 pm and then the bride decides to show up at 5:30 pm. I understand it is tradition for the bride to be fashionably late but more than an hour is pushing it from fashionably to selfish.

I understand there can be loads of delays on the day especially when it comes to hair and makeup which is most probably one of the main reasons. So a good idea is to have your planner or maid of honour make contact with the best man or officiant to inform your guests that unfortunately there will be a slight delay. Keeping people informed keeps the mood pleasant.

Waiting for the reception to start can get to most people, this is the time when you take your wedding photographs, the lasting memories of your special big day and it is exiting and wonderful.

But you may have left your guests standing waiting for you at some reception hall. So make sure they are entertained in the interim, don’t make them feel like they are waiting for you. I myself have been at a wedding where we weren’t allowed into the reception area till the bride showed up. Well after more than 2 hours of standing in the sun, not even getting a chair to sit on and no bar, it is no surprise that half the guests left.

A good idea for the reception is to actually have a programme printed of for your guests, or have a sign made at your entrance with the schedule printed out. An exact time frame of when speeches are made, food is served or the buffet table and bar opens up. The main concern here is to have a good time to feed your guests, and don’t be late! There is nothing more unpleasant than hungry guests at your wedding. I have heard loads of people complain about this.  At times this is not even your fault but the caterers, have a backup plan like a free cocktail.

The flip side of this is to have everything rushed.  I have been to a wedding where you have just arrived at the reception, you find your table and you start a conversation with your fellow guests and suddenly it’s time for speeches. Then you are barely at the bar trying to get a drink when you get told to sit down it is time for dinner, it felt like i was in a hostel.

So do remember to keep open periods for guests to just mill around or have conversations don’t rush things.

Finding balance is key!

I will add that it is very difficult, as you can never please everyone, some might complain that it is taking too long and others it’s too quick. I know people are complicated beings so if you can pull off a time frame that suits all our guests and yourself you are a genius!


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