How To Write Thank You Cards For Your Wedding

The joy of a wedding doesn’t have to end when all the guests go home. In the weeks and months following your big day, you can relive the sweet memories by writing meaningful thank you notes to all the friends and family members who celebrated with you. As you reflect on the many ways your loved ones helped with your day, gave you gifts, and showed their support, you’ll extend that high of newly wedded bliss a little longer.

Now, if you’re like most couples, you may welcome the idea of thanking your loved ones, but the prospect of writing a mountain of notes is daunting. This is totally understandable. It’s hard to know where to start with creating a long list of thank you cards. Here’s a tip: Break the task into more manageable chunks.

The accompanying resource contains a helpful, approachable guide for writing thank you notes after your wedding. From creating a master list of recipients to knowing what to write in those notes, here are the tips you need to know to communicate care to the people who made your day so unforgettable.

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Author bio: Paul Cervelli is President of Cervelli has more than 25 years of personalization experience in the stationery, invitation and gift-giving channels.


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