Bridal Trends 2020: Eye Make-Ups and Contacts

Your wedding day is your joyous, memorable, but somewhat stressful. So many choices to make on this big day and your eye makeup is one of them. These include decisions like which best-colored contacts for your dark eyes to buy or which shades are best to wear. After all, when it’s your special day, you must be the most astonishing and lovely bride anyone has ever seen. Don’t worry—we’ve gathered the best eye makeup and contacts trends for 2020 for you to have your eyes do the talking on your wedding day.

1 Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are here to stay. (Well, they never left and never will!) Since it is your wedding day, bring up this classic style a notch through adding glitter and shimmer. A touch of gold shade will make your eyes stunning and provide you that sultry look. To balance the colors, match it up with nude lipstick and warm undertones. This eye makeup is a perennial favorite that will let you slay on your big day!

How To Do The Gold Smokey Eye Makeup?

  1. Prep, prime, then, conceal your eyelids. Apply a cream gold eyeshadow base. By using this, it can make the gold stand out better when you put in the powder eyeshadow.
  2. Employ the gold eyeshadow and blend evenly.
  3. Use a dark brown eyeshadow. Then, put it in the outer edge. Apply it into the crease to form depth.
  4. Continue applying the gold onto the center of the lid and the brown onto the outer edge until you are satisfied with its intensity.
  5. On the lower lash line, apply the gold eyeshadow. Use a black liner afterward for the lower waterline.
  6. For the upper lash line, use eyeliner and flick it out.
  7. Apply appropriate false lashes and complete the look with mascara.

What Contacts To Use

What’s great about the smokey eye makeup is it fits all type of eye colors. If you have light-colored eyes, you can use opaque contacts to achieve a new look. Meanwhile, honey brown and hazel are best-colored contacts to buy for dark eyes.

2 Simple Wedding Day Look

This classic style is perfect if you are a low-key type of bride and want it to have a simple look on your wedding day. On the other hand, this also goes well if you’ve picked an extravagant gown and want to tone down on your eye makeup. Well, whichever type you are, this look is quick to do only using some light, pink mascara, and eyeshadow and will quickly transform you into a soft, naturally beautiful and timeless bride!

How To Do The Simple Wedding Day Look Makeup?

  1. Begin by applying nude shadow on your upper eyelid,
  2. Give the ridges a defined appearance by using soft peach shadow and a blending brush.
  3. Brim your top eyelid with blush pink eyeshadow.
  4. Apply deep black or deep brown eyeshadow to establish your lower and upper lashline. An angular brush can work great in employing it along the lashline.
  5. Using a blending brush, blend everything out.
  6. Put on some waterproof mascara, and you’re good to walk down the aisle!

What Contacts To Use

While this may be a low-key wedding day look, it provides your eyes ample amount of definition and color. Since the shade is subtle, you can opt to use dark-colored contacts lenses to balance it and make your eyes more vivid.

Bridal Trends 2020: Eye Make-Ups and Contacts

3 Rose Gold Eye Makeup

Rose gold is one of the most flattering eyeshadow on any palette, which is why it will never go out of trend. It is versatile and can work with any bride as it adorns almost all complexion types. From the extreme to the subtle, the rose gold glow will make you more beautiful and elegant on your special day. Bring the warmth into your eyes and get ready to mesmerize the groom and guests!

How To Apply Rose Gold Eye Makeup?

  1. Apply nude eyeshadow as the base using a flat brush. Through this, the rose gold shade will strike better.
  2. Brim the ridges with ample touch of soft brown eyeshadow. Then, blend this onto the outer edges of the eyes.
  3. Put rose gold eyeshadow to load the entire lid and evenly blend it to make it look flawless.
  4. Curl your lashes and use mascara.
  5. Tighten your upper waterline by using a black or deep brown eyeliner pencil to make lashes appear fuller.
  6. Append a touch of highlighter on the inner edge of your eye. Use it also below the arch of your eyebrows to provide a defined look.

What Contacts To Use

Rose gold is flattering as it is, which is why it also goes excellent with mostly all eye colors. It can liven up any style, so you can surely test different colors of contacts and enjoy a wide variety of looks you can transform into on your wedding day!

4 Classic Cat Eye Makeup

Feminine, striking, and perfectly lined eyes are known to make a guy go weak at the knees. We are sure any woman would want that on her wedding day. The classic cat-eye adds definition and shape to your eyes, giving a vintage yet a gorgeous look. But, when matched with a pink-toned red lipstick, you can quickly transform into a chic and modern bride on your special day.

How To Do The Classic Cat Eye Makeup?

  1. Prep and prime your eyes, then, use shell eyeshadow on your entire eyelid.
  2. Use deep brown eyeshadow onto the outer edges of your eye up to the ridges.
  3. Using a black kohl pencil, outline your lower lashline and waterline, and trace a wing.
  4. Apply liquid eyeliner to mark your top lashline onto the traced area to add precision.
  5. Finish your cat-eye wedding look by curling your lashes and applying mascara.

What Contacts To Use

The signature cat-eye makeup is another universal style that complements different eye colors. Play with an array of colored contact lenses and match it up with your color motif, to get that stunning bridal look.

Bridal Trends 2020: Eye Make-Ups and Contacts


Eye makeup and contact lenses are essential parts of any bride’s complete look. To avoid beauty blunders, take time to consider which style and matching colored contact lenses you’ll be wearing to achieve your desired. After all, it is your wedding day, and you deserve to feel the most beautiful you can be.


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