An Alternative Wedding

Why do the norm or what is expected?  Feel free and live your life the way you want!

When it comes to alternative weddings the scope is very large as it covers allot of aspects. So without to single out any particular group let’s just name a few as you can write an entire book about this section.

Adventure:  For some the idea of getting married in a church or just a garden wedding seems boring. So some couples like to take it a step further and why not? Getting married in a hot air balloon ride, hanging off a cliff, skydiving or getting married under water is any adrenalin’s junkies dream. Maybe you and your family and friends are all sporty.  And for the reception you would rather have a race through a mountain pass than a dance in some reception hall?

Rock chick: Maybe you are a fan of the 80’s when rock and roll was at its high point. Either way rock and roll has never died for some and why not have a rock and roll inspired wedding theme? Or maybe just have an all out classic wedding with a few changes. Like having your walk down the aisle accompanied by an electric guitarist playing here comes the bride?

Punk Chick: Getting married in a leather jacket with a purple or pink punk hairstyle does make one feel very free. Venues are a bit tricky as we have heard from some punks wanting to get married in some obscure places. Whether it be a grave yard or a rundown old ghost ruin. We say just go ahead and do it! If the cops come, run like the wind and feel free.

Humanist: You can still have all the old classic wedding themes and traditions being non religious. All that really changes is the wedding ceremony. So sit down and discus with your officiant how to create a intimate yet non religious ceremony. You do not have to go get married in some magistrates office.

Hipster: The hipster trend is slowly becoming much more popular. And we understand getting married in a pair of sneakers is comfortable, and mason jars are much cheaper than martini classes! Maybe hipsters have the right idea of how to just relax and have a non stressful wedding!

Neopaganism: Always difficult to have a neopagan wedding especially if most of your family members attending are religious. But you can still have some rituals that would not offend anyone like jumping the broom. My favourite which i think even some religious people can adopt is ‘handfasting’.

But why stick to just one theme? Mix it up and do some of each.

Whatever you feel would express yourself more on your day is up to you! We would love to hear about your day what you did.

We here at wedded try our utmost hardest to find all the suppliers that will cater to your needs. If you know of someone that is not listed here let us know.


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