A Classic Wedding

We all know and love a classic wedding. It is the most popular theme and has been around for centuries. Almost every country and culture has adopted this style as the ’go to’  way and how you think a wedding should be.

The classic wedding or “white” wedding started in the Victorian era in Great Britain. Let’s not forget the iconic moment as Queen Victoria was the first to break away from the traditional ‘silver’ wedding gown, to an all white wedding gown.
But even a classic wedding is slowly shifting away from the norm. We won’t say it is becoming alternative but most brides do tend to break some traditional classic wedding habits.

Let’s look at some:

The venue: Generally a classic wedding takes place in a church with a minister or priest officiating the marriage. Yet now you can have your classic wedding in almost every place you can imagine. Whether it be held in a restaurant, outside in a forest or on the beach or even your own home. And not all brides have their marriage officiated by their family minister or priest.

The reception: In days of old the wedding party would greet the guests as they arrive for the reception. A formal greeting and sit down dinner afterward. Now the guests meet the bridal party arriving at the reception. But it seems the more involved we get in the world the more the reception is turning into a massive party. And some brides seem to use this opportunity to try and out do their friends to see who can throw the best party.

The Decor and flowers: Elegance has always been the word associated with classic white weddings. However some grey areas are present with different interpretations as to what is elegance? Traditionally for example the rose was always the flower used for a classic wedding and is still very popular today. Arum lilies are becoming more popular which is surprising as arum lilies is more likely to be associated with funerals.

The wedding cake: Typically a three tier cake and the all iconic ritual of cutting the cake and sharing that first bite! It seems that more and more people are opting for cupcakes these days. Some brides are leaving this option out all together.

The first dance: There is nothing like your first dance as a newly wedded couple, and to show your family and friends how you hold yourself with your partner. A symbol of how your marriage is going to be. Typically this was always known as the bridal waltz, a dance that is safe but elegant. If you want to know how to make a fool of yourself on your wedding day. Then see some couples first dances on YouTube and see what not to do!

Let us know what you like that has changed about old traditional classic white weddings and why?

Or do you think, that if you have a classic wedding, that one should stick to all aspects of the tradition?


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