10 Reasons why destination weddings are worth it

There comes a point in every couple’s life when they entertain the thought of a destination wedding. It’s an exciting thought of going off to an offbeat destination, preferably completely unheard of, to celebrate the most special event and day of your life! Your Wedding!

For some people, it’s exciting to be decorating and managing your own wedding, but for the others, it can be quite a headache. No matter how much your family gets involved in the preparations and helps you, there is always tension at the back of your mind. You aren’t at ease until the wedding is over and the guests have reached home safely.

Destination weddings take care of that hassle of going to 10 different places for shopping, caterers, menu, jewelry, salon, makeup, and hairdressers. You get everything under one roof, which just needs basic supervision and organizing. You only have to sit back and enjoy your wedding. Your guests too would be with you under the same roof and you wouldn’t have to worry about them reaching back home safely after the late-night celebration.

10 Reasons why destination weddings are worth it

1. You will not tie the knot just anywhere

It is your special day and the venue should be as special as your partner (not necessarily, just a thought), the venue/ destination might not be the most important consideration for some, however for the others, it plays a significant role. It speaks volumes about your taste in things and the fortune that you and your family has spent to make the day and the occasion even more memorable.

2. You will stand out in the crowd

You will stand out in your crowd. A number of Indians plan a destination wedding. But most of them are destinations within India itself. Very rarely will you find families planning a wedding abroad unless the ones getting married and the majority of the relatives are already settled abroad. You will go beyond the regular expectations of your relatives and your circle of friends and break the monotony of local celebrations by hosting a wedding abroad.

3. You can’t discount the convenience

It’s not only economical but also spares you all the hassles of the petty little tasks you are going to have to supervise. The vendors, caterers, and the designers – all are taken care of within the destination itself. There’re special hotels for destination weddings these days, that don’t charge extra for event planning. But if you would still want every little bit to be customized, you can go right ahead and hire a wedding planner.

4. You don’t require the extra décor

A destination wedding means exotic locations and your destination therefore has a natural decor and a charm of its own and doesn’t need any more effort. Like a beach side wedding overlooking the fresh blue water and the white waves. What about in a in a green vineyard, a magnificent castle, or an ancient fort? None of them require any extra decor.

5. Limiting the number guests

Destination weddings are always very expensive. It involves the hotel’s cost as well as the travel costs of your guests. This is why the guest list is always kept precise. It’s only the extremely close family members who are invited and very close friends. Formality in this situation takes a back seat.

6. Bond with your own and your spouse’s family

We’re all so occupied these days, caught up in our own lives that we hardly are able to make time for those people close to us, let alone the relatives. The wedding time is crucial for both the families to come together and bond, far away from the chaos, since you will be one big family thereafter. The hotel/ resort planners look into the details of the wedding. You can just take a back seat and enjoy the show.

7. Guests are vacationing at your expense

You have literally given them an opportunity to vacation with you and solely at your expense. You are surely everybody’s favorite in the family! A good opportunity to win hearts and spend quality time with the close ones who you don’t always get a fair opportunity to bond with.

8. You can show off all the familiar places you’ve visited as a couple

Be it love marriage or arranged, every couple loves to show off/ talk about the place they first met each other or visited together as a couple. The significance of this here is only if you belong to the city/destination or have vacationed there previously as a couple. If not, then you can generally talk to your loved ones about where you first met and tell them all about your passionate love story. They’ll surely be all ears.

9. Plan your wedding intelligently - Maximize your time and budget

You will obviously be at your wedding destination a few days in advance. You can get help from someone to get the details of when the local hotel drop their rates and what could be the best time of the year to have the wedding and to minimize the expenditure and maximize the budget.

10. No extra expenditure on your honeymoon

The moment you get hitched, BOOM! You’re at your honeymoon destination already. You don’t necessarily have to go elsewhere for it. It’s a beautiful destination, away from the monotony of your daily lives and the relatives will push off as soon as all the rituals are over with. Their enjoyment and vacation, fun and frolic is all good, but nobody would want to linger on for too long. You have the entire space to your selves. 

10 Reasons why destination weddings are worth it
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